June 13, 2021

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A Great Thing About Fallout New Vegas

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A Great Thing About Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is a critically acclaimed game, mostly for its art, story, and gameplay. There are many things done right, helping to make the Fallout series a household name. I want to talk about one aspect of the game that I think makes it so great for several reasons. It is the music, specifically Radio New Vegas.


The background on the world of Fallout New Vegas is that you are in a post-apocalyptic United States, centered around the Las Vegas area. Much of the area is destroyed, decayed, or beyond recognizable, but the city of Las Vegas still stands. It is different than today, but several landmarks like Stratosphere Tower and several hotels give a bit of a glimpse into the past.


The music helps show this. Much of the music playing on Radio New Vegas comes from the mid 1900’s, with classics like “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” and “Johnny Guitar”. Many players of the game will not have listened to this music before hand, but it is still somewhat familiar. You can tell that this was the kind of music your parents or grandparents would listen too, so you have some sort of connection with it.


Both the city of New Vegas and the Radio New Vegas music are like long lost legends, something most have never seen at their prime but know the tales of. Being thrown into a world you know nothing about isn’t always a good thing, because players will often feel lost. Exploration and freedom in games is often encouraged, but in a story driven game sometimes it isn’t optimal.


When I first started playing Fallout New Vegas, I was thrown into this little town where the people and buildings seemed strange to me. It was a great spot to learn the game, but I didn’t want to stay there by any means. I did however hear about this grand city called New Vegas, which I then set out to visit. It so happens that much of the game’s narrative is focused on the city.


Listening to the radio feeling some sense of connection made me more eager to visit. It sounded like a sanctuary in this mysterious and dangerous world. The music made the journey all that more exciting.


Whenever I hear any of these songs now, I instantly relate back to Fallout New Vegas. That connection you feel with the music as you find yourself in the game is unbreakable and allows the player to better understand the game. “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie”, which is why I’m telling you that a great thing about Fallout New Vegas is the music.

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