About Me


My name is Garrett Williams and I am a Unity Game Developer.

Computers and the software along with it have interested me for as long as I can remember. Whether that be playing games or messing around in MS Paint, some of my best memories are on the computer.

In mid-2014, I got exposed to the world of programming. I had never really tried let alone known about programming, but I'm glad I found it. I started writing my own little programs and eventually made some games. I also found other programs, like the Adobe Suite, Unity, and WordPress. I was able to create these awesome things all from the comfort of home, which I thought was so cool. This led me to start Tons Of Hun Studios, my own Indie Game Company.

Here are all the Games I have made, all more interesting and better than the last.

I also have made Assets on the Unity Asset Store.

I also do a little writing, including my own personal Blog.

All of these projects have taught me something in one way or another. I have built up my skill set over the course of several years, from 3D art in Blender to Programming in C#. Below is a chart of my current skills. 



Oh, and I also love E-Sports!


I've been watching CSGO and other E-Sports since 2014. I love the atmosphere and the community and would love to be involved with it somehow one day.