How Limbo Does Puzzles Right

Though recently “Out-Classed” by Inside, Limbo remains a very intense puzzle-platformer. Even if it only took me about 3 hours to complete (with a little help), those three hours are chock full of great game design and memorable moments. Limbo has an interesting story, an eye-catching art style, and a few eerie sounds. But where […]

Ink Review

A Game Dev Reviews: Ink

There are many video game reviews out there, and even a few on this game Ink. Yet those reviews really just explain personal opinions and don’t dive too deep into the game design itself. There is so much game developers can learn from even the smallest of games, and I intend to share this information. […]

Plans 2017

Plans for 2017

I would consider 2016 the year that started my future. My future in game development, animation, journalism, and anything else on the computer that interests me. Yet, it’s just a start, and I’ve only just dipped my toes into this giant ocean. My dream is to be an indie game developer by the time I […]