Superhot: A Strong Story

Superhot is one of the most iconic FPS games of recent times, with its innovative gameplay and theme. I loved all parts of the game, but the story stood out most to me. The game itself is short, only taking me 2 hours to finish. However, in that short time, the game manages to give […]


Your Game Doesn’t Need To Be Original

There seems to be some people in the game development community that think every one of their games needs to be completely new. They can’t make World War shooters because of Battlefield and Call of Duty. They can’t make a multiplayer sandbox game because of Minecraft and Rust. However, take note that I listed multiple […]


Sniper Elite V2: Authentic Gameplay

I recently played through an oldie but a goldie, Sniper Elite V2. Its story, graphics, and sound were decent for its time, but none of the traditional things struck me as extraordinary. However, I noticed that as I was playing through, I found myself replaying levels often. I had this need for perfection, to not […]


Write Down All Your Ideas

In Game Development, sometimes coming up with a game idea can be hard. You want to pick the perfect one, but only come up with some silly fish game. You see a movie and come up with a great idea, only to forget it when you come home. You think of a mechanic for your […]