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I have done a few other things outside of game development. I have done work in animation, graphic design, video, and writing. Although I am not as strong in these areas if you like what you see I'd be happy to work with you on a project.



Blender Floating Island Render

I created and rendered this floating island scene for the r/low_poly subreddit August 2017 monthly contest.

I used Blender to create this image.


Blender Floating Island




"Off the Cuff" Intro Animation

I created this Intro Animation for the "Off the Cuff" game development video series by Daniel Doan.

Check out his channel here!




Pixel Partners

Pixel Partners is an Animated Short film I created in Adobe After Effects

Love is a powerful emotion, and this cursor will do whatever possible to get the girl of his dreams.



Blockonomics Gif Submission

This is a gif I created in a contest for the website Blockonomics. I won honorable mention!

Check out Blockonomics here!




4-29-17 Delaware River Montage

This is a montage of me and my family's boat trip down the Delaware River April 29, 2017. I both filmed and edited the video.







Lots of Dots Shirt

This is a T-shirt design I made for the website redbubble.com






Take Your Child To Work Day T-Shirt

I was the winner of a T-Shirt Design competition at my school, to create a Take Your Child to Work Day T-Shirt.







Cryptic Logo

This is a logo I created for the e-Sports team Cryptic







Simple Auto Sales Logo

This is a logo I created for the Car Dealership, Simple Auto Sales







ShopOpp Logo

This is a logo I created for the online shopping service, ShopOpp

Check out ShopOpp here!






Team Updog Logo

This is a logo I created for my school's Television Broadcasting club.

Go Team Updog!





Launch Party Gaming

I have written many articles for the gaming website Launch Party Gaming, including game reviews and opinion pieces.