April 21, 2021

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Plans for 2017

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I would consider 2016 the year that started my future. My future in game development, animation, journalism, and anything else on the computer that interests me. Yet, it’s just a start, and I’ve only just dipped my toes into this giant ocean.

My dream is to be an indie game developer by the time I graduate high school or college. Other areas of interest like journalism and motion graphics may be supplemental income for me, to fund my future game projects. Though I’m planning out my future now, I don’t know the extents of the industry yet, and have made less than average high-schoolers make in an hour. I feel like I know what I want to do, but I’m not at that point yet to be able to do it full-time.

That, however, is going to change in 2017. This will be the year that I go full on game development, animation, journalism, whatever. In order to figure out what my future will hold and what I really want to do with my life, I need to try out what interests me. I love all the ideas I have listed below, but they are just thoughts right now. I may end up loving some things and hating others when I actually do them, but I am at least going to try and figure that out. Although as a high-schooler finances aren’t crucial for me yet, I want to position myself in a good spot financially, so in the future I can live my life the way I want.

Here is the list of things that I AM going to accomplish in 2017:


Finish My Next Game, A Bee Business Management Game

This is my next game idea. It is still in the prototyping phase and I will update you on it as soon as it’s ready. My goal is to complete and release it this year. My last game Teddy Bears vs Bed Bugs took me 2 months of “daily work”, so even though this game will be bigger, I am confident I can finish it by 2018. Finishing is not my only goal, but I would like to have it get more plays than my previous games, of which the best is 4,600 plays. I am going to do a lot better at marketing this time, so this is a reasonable goal for me with the knowledge I have gained up to this point.


Make a CSGO skin

CSGO has been a game I have enjoyed for a while. Not only do I love playing the game itself, but the skins economy peaks my interest. Community members are able to submit weapon skins to the Steam workshop, for a chance to be put in the game. Not only is that extremely cool, but it’s claimed that those who have had skins accepted into the game have made several thousand dollars in sales. So yeah, my first attempt will probably not make it in, but I see no point in not trying. It’s a great way to practice photoshop, it looks cool in a portfolio, and has a chance to bring in some cash.


Make more Fiverr animations

Fiverr is an online marketplace for just about any service you could want on the computer. From article writing to voice-overs to logo creation, there isn’t much you can’t find on Fiverr. I myself am more interested in animation, as I use After Effects daily at school. I might as well not let my knowledge go to waste, so I want to sell my animations on Fiverr. Now it’s no secret Fiverr isn’t the place for the highest quality work, as many gigs are only $5. I don’t want to undermine my work, so I’m going to make sure I set my prices high enough for my time. Finding a balance between quality, time, and money is key to success here.  Animations are great in this case because it is more passive income. I just need to insert the logos/text into my templates I have made before, and its done. I have a bunch of different animations in the works, and hopefully at least one will strike gold.


Start freelancing

I am very aware that indie game development is not a steady means of making income. I’m working hard at it now so I can hopefully get to a point of enough income when I’m done with school, but I want to have backup plans. Freelancing is one of those plans. Game development and animation will be the 2 areas I will focus on. I’m not looking for much income right now (I’m still a high schooler), but I want to get to a point where it is available. Right now I have no prior freelance experience, so I may need to settle for lower paying gigs at the start. Eventually, I will have enough experience to start getting those higher paying jobs and maybe get a few offers if I’m lucky. I’d like to be able to wake up on a Saturday, decide “Hey I want to make $100 so I can buy this game” or whatever, and know I will be accepted for my niche gigs. This may be a long shot to accomplish this year, so my real goal is at least to get 1 gig. I’ll probably do more, but at least one.


Release articles every week

Journalism has been something that has interested me for a little while now. I actually volunteered to write some gaming journalism articles for Launch Party Gaming, and I really enjoyed it, even without pay. Having hundreds of people read my articles seems so cool to me. Those articles were just my opinions on Overwatch game modes and still got decent reception. My idea for journalism now is to release articles here on my own website. I’m going to write game reviews, game design articles, post-mortums, my freelancing experiences, etc. I have a Trello board with a bunch of ideas and have already started writing a few. Every Saturday, I will release an article about whatever I decide to write about. Some will be a few paragraphs and others will practically be books, but I’m going to be consistent and put something up every week.


Start A Youtube channel / Grow Marketing Channels

YouTube is arguably the best marketing channel for video games. As a game developer, articles will only say so many words, a picture will say 1000, but videos will tell a whole story. YouTube videos are great for marketing on Reddit, Twitter, articles, etc. Basically they are great anywhere someone can share something online. Marketing is an area where many indies struggle including myself. So to help, I’m at least going to give myself the best opportunity to be a successful marketer. Also, my Facebook is currently inactive, my subreddit has 2 subscribers (my 2 accounts lol), and my Twitter only has 200 followers. I need to develop a consistent and smart marketing plan, so I can attract people to my games, animations, and to Tons Of Hun Studios.


Make Video Hive animations, Unity assets, etc. (Passive income)

Passive income interests me a lot. It’s basically making money off of something I already made and am not actively working on. This includes game assets, animation templates, etc. I would find solace in knowing that on a day where I feel so sick to the point where I can’t work, I will still have at least some money coming in. I think I need a little more practice though, as my quality isn’t the best yet, but practice is the only way to succeed at anything right?


So those are my 2017 plans! This is really meant more for me personally, so I can keep on track and look back in 2018 to see if I really did do all this. Though if anybody has any thoughts on my plans or wants to talk with me, you can check out my social media channels below. Thanks for reading!

Garrett Williams

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