April 21, 2021

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Should I Make A Game I Love Or A Game That Is Popular?

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In any market, there are certain products that are more popular than others, thus making more money. In the video game industry, there are game genres that are much more popular than others. For example, FPS and Idle games generally get more plays than Rhythm games. It’s not to say the more popular games are better, but rather they are generally more appealing to the gaming audience.

As a game developer, it is important to understand the market that you are selling to. Knowing what games are hot and what games are not seems pretty important. But what if you want to make a game part of an unknown or unpopular genre. Should I make a game I love or a game that is popular?

The answer? Either.

Yeah I know, probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but stay with me. Making a game you are truly passionate about or a game that is known to sell well both have benefits.

The main benefit of making a game that you are passionate about is that the work and the grind will be much easier. Still hard, but easier. If you are making a game you don’t really like and you can’t fix a bug, you are going to get frustrated very quickly. If you are making your passion project, a game that you really want to play, that frustration will not come as quickly if at all. In general, you will put your best foot forward to make the game you love.

The main benefit of making a game that is popular is that you are more likely to sell more. Survival games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, H1Z1, and DayZ sell like hot cakes because they are part of such a popular category. Even the smaller games of the same genre sell decently. If you are really trying to make it as an indie, making a popular game isn’t a bad idea, because you are more likely to make more money.


Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

The best case scenario here is that you make a game that is both popular and that you truly want to make. Obviously, that will not happen every time, but if you find that opportunity you should seize it. That’s not to say if it is not part of both categories you shouldn’t make it. Just understand that market.





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