June 13, 2021

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Game Developer Spotlight: Brackeys

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Today I am highlighting the game developer and Youtube tutorial creator, Brackeys. Although he has made several games, he is most known for his game development tutorials on Youtube, amassing a following of over 250,000 subscribers. Let’s see why he is one of the top game developers.



Brackeys has competed in several Ludum Dare competitions, with his titles Diggin, Maniac Inc, and Shrinking Planet. What I like about all these games is that they all have a very happy and cartoony vibe to them. With the competition being only a few days, it is very difficult to invoke so much emotion into a game. However, Brackeys does this very well.

For his most recent submission, Shrinking Planet, he uses a very cohesive cartoony style. From the music to the art to the effects, it all has a very nice theme to it. The community agrees as Brackeys placed first in the Theme category! The style also matches the gameplay, as the idea is very simple yet innovative. It’s a two button controlled game that matches the minimalistic style. Rather than try to create a big complicated game, he opted to make a well polished small one. Along with his eye for design, these have made Brackeys games successful.



Brackeys also produces a variety of Youtube tutorials, mainly centered around the Unity game engine. I would consider them more beginner level, but even for seasoned developers, they are a joy to watch. What he does better than others is thoroughly explaining his concepts. Each line of code has its purpose and proper explanation, so rather than just copying him, you can understand why he is doing it. Because of this, I find myself retaining much more information from him, as I’m not just remembering the syntax but the concept itself.

He also has a very diverse array of content. He has mini tutorials like how to make the Superhot time mechanic, Unity tips and tricks videos, and even full series on how to make a complete game. It is very hard for a beginner to not find something to learn from Brackeys. 

The quality of all this content is very high as well. It is obvious that he plans out each video carefully, ensuring that the viewer can follow all components. Although he does go in depth on the explanations of what he is doing, the videos are edited well to only contain the important information.


Overall, you can see that same happy vibe from his games into his videos, making Brackeys a very successful Youtuber and game developer.

If you’d like to check out Brackeys channel, click here!

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