April 21, 2021

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“Teddy Bears vs. Bed Bugs” Dev Blog #3: Lots of Coding

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Teddy Bears vs. Bed Bugs


Thanks for stopping by to read my third dev blog for Teddy Bears vs. Bed Bugs! Visually, there isn’t all that much to see, but the mechanics are progressing very well, and I’m going to start working on the art shortly (most likely). So, shall we begin?

I showed you one tower shooting last blog, and well, that shooting concept is actually similar on 3 other towers. However, I also have the works for the “Monkey Mine Maniac”, a tower that places mines that explode when tripped. I have a gif of it below, but I also did some optimizing with the other towers for shooting. I actually was having a lot of trouble with optimizing and perfecting this, and it still isn’t even perfect. I was messing around a lot with colliders, triggers, different lists and arrays. I actually had it working like a week ago, but it was not efficient and was messy, so I redid it. I’m actually kind of glad I did, because now it is a lot more organized, and I actually understand it.

Probably the biggest thing I did these past two weeks was implement a tower upgrade and recycle system. It’s a little hard to see in the gif, (and trust me, I’m trying to find a better way of doing this), but I can now look at a tower and view all it’s stats, like damage, range, and different costs. Now it is also possible to recycle (or destroy) a tower, and get points back based on it’s upgrades. I took a lot of inspiration from Sanctum 2 for this feature, so thank you Coffee Stain Studios! I think that it’s perfectly fine and almost encouraged to take inspiration from other games. There is a reason why there are such big titles out there with other games using their mechanics. It’s because they have good gameplay! This system currently flows more than what I had initially planned, which is great.

And I wanted to end things off on something a little different. I know I haven’t really shown much concept art, or frankly anything art related at all yet, but I decided I should work a little on it. So here is a concept of what the bed bugs will look like. Yes, I will add more detail like those pointy things on their heads and stuff, but I like it a lot how it is, simple and actually not that scary looking.


And that’s it for this week. From a player stand point, I didn’t get all that much done, but I felt like I did so much these past two weeks. Compared to my past games, the coding is getting a lot more efficient and I’m getting better at the simpler stuff. That being said, this game has had me deal a lot with raycasts and list properties, a realm I have barely explored before. Still, I’m learning a lot and having a lot of fun.


Written By: Garrett Williams (HunGARE)

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