April 21, 2021

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“Teddy Bears vs. Bed Bugs” Dev Blog #4: A WIP Artist

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Teddy Bears vs. Bed Bugs

Welcome to my 4th dev blog for Teddy Bears vs Bed Bugs! I am very excited for this one, as I have some art to show you guys. It may not be the best, but I think it is the best art I have ever made, which I am very proud of.

For those of you interested, I am using Blender to make my art. It is a free open source 3D modelling program, that allows you to model, animate, and is actually possible to use as a game engine. Even though I am not really showing it’s potential with my art, it’s a very complex but detailed program and I highly recommend it.

The first pieces of art I worked on were the bullets for the towers. Only 5 of the 6 towers have bullets, as the Giraffe tower will eat the bed bugs, but they are all pretty unique. They will also be pretty small scale as they are bullets, so they do not need the finest of detail. That being said, I didn’t try any less harder making these.



I also started to model some of the pieces of the environment, which will be a bedroom. The picture below is a mock environment of what I believe the levels will look like, but I assure you the end product will have more detail. The hardest part making these was the texturing. I managed to get a texture on the furniture, but it’s still bright even with the light in the scene disabled. I’ll fix that in the future, because the environment will be somewhat dark in the levels.


Finally, I created the towers, or at least created a rough idea of what they will look like. I should probably go back and connect the seams of the different parts to make it look cleaner, but the models are almost done. I am the most proud of these out of all the art I’ve made in the past two weeks. I was using a lot of advanced techniques (at least for me), like proportional editing and some weird edge loop stuff, which I felt helped me create a better product. I also need to improve upon the materials/textures, but they are pretty much how I want them. Below I have 5 of the 6 Towers, excluding the Monkey. Currently the Teddy Bear is the only one with a weapon, but they should all be made by the next update.

Bunny Dog Shark Giraffe Teddy_Bear

Thank you everyone for reading! I don’t have an exact date yet, but I am aiming for sometime early August. I’m getting more and more excited everyday as the game nears completion. See you next time!


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