April 21, 2021

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The Movement of Titanfall 2

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Titanfall 2

When you think of Titanfall 2, you probably think of giant robot mechs fighting each other in a battle of gunpowder and explosions. Well, sure that’s what it is, but there’s more than that. One of the most impressive things to me in Titanfall 2 is the movement. There are a wide variety of movement mechanics that make the gameplay fun, interesting, and require a lot of skill to pull off effectively. All in all, it is a very responsive and very fluid system. Here why I think Titanfall 2 is a great example of what movement in games should be.


In many FPS titles, the movement is crucial in playing at a top level. From the crazy jumps in Quake to the flying, charging, and teleporting in Overwatch, movement is nearly as important as shooting. In Titanfall 2, this is no different. The maps are huge to make space for the Titans, so traveling around on foot quickly and efficiently is key to victory. Now if there was no special movement system and you could only run on foot, this would be a very slow paced and boring game. You would spend half the time running around and the other half trying to find and shoot someone. It just doesn’t make sense to go with a traditional movement system with this type of action packed game. This is why Titanfall 2 introduces a selection of special movement abilities to keep the game fast paced and exciting.


The first is the wall run. This has got to be the number one mechanic for parkour games because it’s so awesome. Wall running in Titanfall 2 allows you to easily sprint along buildings and signs, gaining speed as you run across. Combine this with a sprint jump, and you’ve got some high-speed action. What’s important about the wall run is that it’s faster than just running. It would take forever to run across the map otherwise. With wall running, you can navigate the maps faster, beating enemies to chokepoints.


The next mechanic is the double jump. This useful movement mechanic comes from our old friend Mario. The double jump essentially allows you to jump mid-air as if an invisible platform appeared beneath your feet. Whereas this might not make too much sense in Mario, it does in Titanfall 2 with the jump jet technology. The advantage of the double jump is that it is unpredictable. For veteran FPS players, tracking a falling player isn’t that hard to do. However, when you introduce a double jump, you aren’t exactly sure where they player is exactly going to go. This gives the player enough time to either find cover or fire back. It’s a simple mechanic that when timed correctly can be advantageous to the player.


Then we have the grappling hook, my personal favorite. This ability allows you to shoot out a hook that attaches to the surface and pulls you towards it at high speeds. With it, you can not only reach high spots, but can swing around corners, accelerate your speed, and even hook and kill enemies. I think the most important part about the grappling hook is that it allows you to gain a crazy amount of speed if tied with the other abilities right. You can not only get high up but can move quickly and can spot out enemies before they even realize you’re there.


What I love about these abilities oddly enough is that they are hard to use. Not only do I find myself failing with the grappling hook, but I often try to fly into windows and splat right into a barricade. All the abilities are hard to use effectively. The reason why that’s good is because it widens the skill gap, separating the good players from the great. To reach that pro level, you need to be great at all parts of the game. Map knowledge, good aim, and solid strategies will get you far competitively, but you can’t reach that high level without first mastering the movement. Even in a casual sense, nailing movement combinations is an awesome and rewarding experience.


Because these combos are so hard to pull off, a player feels great after hours of practice to finally nail it. The movement system in Titanfall 2 all around is fun to use and rewarding to master.


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