April 21, 2021

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Top 5 First Game Ideas

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Top 5 First Game Ideas

I posted an article last week about how big your first game should be, and the answer is small. I explained why, but never really gave any scale or ideas as to what your first game should be. So for this article, I decided to make a list of my top 5 first game ideas.


Idle Game


Cookie Clicker

My first game was actually an idle game, and I’m very happy I made that choice. Idle games on the inside are just a bunch of equations and numbers. Once you get those figured out, you just need to add some buttons and a little bit of art.

Literally one of the most popular Idle games is about cookies, so that gives you loads of opportunities to choose a theme you like. For example, I made my idle game about different forms of transportation, like bikes, boats, and rockets. If you have a favorite time in history, TV show, or hobby, then this type of game is perfect for you to design.


Flappy Bird Clone


Flappy Bird

We all played it and we all loved it. Flappy Bird is a very addictive, yet very simple game to make. It’s a single button game with a few obstacles and a scoring system. Because of its popularity, there are also plenty of tutorials on how to make this type of game.

As shown by the other clones, this type of game allows for some creativity in the art and design, whether that’s Flappy Bert, Splashy Fish, or several other themes.

The only catch here is that there is a fee to get your game on mobile. However, if you are willing to pay it, this is a great first game choice for its ability to be shared among your friends.


2D Platformer



Although Mario is a very iconic game, making a 2D platformer is fairly simple. Run, jump, and maybe shoot are all you need for mechanics. Add some obstacles and puzzles and you’re good to go.

I think this is a great one because it is easily scalable. To make more levels and add more enemies doesn’t take much time, so although the idea is small, the length of the game can be varied.



Quiz Game


True or False: Quiz Battle

A quiz game may not be the most fun game, but it is very simple. Come up with some questions, some true-false buttons, and add a bit of code and you got a game. 

In terms of theming, the questions can be just about anything. This is also a good time to experiment with UI design, something hard to master but very useful to practice.

Quiz games also have a great potential for cross-platform play between PC and Mobile. This is great for sharing with your friends. 


Single Player FPS



I am a little hesitant to put this one because people may overdo it, but here’s my reasoning behind it. In many game engines, it is very easy to implement a shooting mechanic. When you click the mouse button, spawn a projectile and add a forward force and you’re good. There are also boatloads of tutorials out there on how to do this along with the movement. At its core, it’s often pretty easy to make an FPS game.

I do want to emphasize the importance of a single player FPS. Please do not try to make a multiplayer one. I personally don’t know even where to start with multiplayer, so I can’t imagine beginners do either. It takes a lot of time and work to make a multiplayer system, time better spent working on another better game. Once you’ve got a few games under your belt, then you may take the leap into multiplayer games.


Whenever you guys decide to make your first game, it is very important to pick and idea and genre that is small enough to be completed. The goal of your first game is to actually complete a game, no matter the size. These top 5 first game ideas are just a few that I recommend as a first game, but there are many more ideas as well.

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