April 21, 2021

Tons Of Hun Studios

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Hey! I'm Garrett Williams, and I make Video Games about Space. To the my progress on my current game Space Prevention Force, subscribe to my

Youtube Channel!



Previous Games



Running Cosmonaut Simulator

Running Cosmonaut Simulator is an arcade game for the PC

You are a cosmonaut trying to "Run out of Space" by avoiding the planets. 



Breedom 7

Breedom 7 is a Breeding Exploration game for the PC

As an astronaut breeder, your job is to explore the different planets in the galaxy, find new animals, and breed them into new and exciting species!


Cyberpunch(And Kick)

Cyberpunch (And Kick) was my entry into the 1 week Cyberpunk Game Jam

In the green and pink cyberpunk world, fight your advisories with punches (and kicks)!

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