VR THA Hip Surgery Simulation

Virtual Reality training application for orthopedic surgeon students. Developed with the Rowan University VR Center and Cooper University Hospital. 

Unity Developer, VR Programmer, Tech Artist


  • Programmed in C# functionality/shaders for a Unity VR simulation with 11 surgical steps
  • Modeled and textured photoreal 3D art assets (Ex. Anesthesia Cart)
  • Co-authored a conference paper for the IEEE Sensors Application Symposium 2021

Project Team (14)

Dr. Shreekanth Mandayam, Dr. George Lecakes, Prof Amanda Almon, Dr. Tae Won Kim (MD), Meghan Morely (MD), Deep Patel (CMSRU), Alex Wiese, Felicia Veneri, Garrett Williams, Terry Nguyen, Veronica Cava, Lilly Smith, Sofia Monaco, Delano Hendrix

Timeline (2.5 Years)

June 2019 – January 2022 (Prototype)

Turret Gunner VR Simulation

Turret Gunner Combat Simulation designed to produce datasets for image detection of drones. Developed with the Rowan University VR Center, Rowan Biomedical Art & Visualization, and Picatinny Arsenal. 

Unity Developer, Cinematic Artist, Tech Artist


  • Developed drone/turret gunner combat scenario simulation in Unity
  • Created cinematic using the Unity Timeline
  • Utilized Unity procedural generation/terrain tools in HDRP

Project Team (26+)

Principal Investigators

Dr. Shreekanth Mandayam

Dr. George Lecakes

Amanda Almon, MFA, CMI

Dr. Patrice Tremoulet

Dr. Nidhal Bouaynaya

Dr. John Schmalzel



Veronica Cava

Isabel Dory

Leeza Duller

Emerson Harman

Delano Hendrix

Diana Lahr

Harley Modestowicz

Sofia Monaco

Grant Morfitt

Terry Nguyen

Ardit Pranvoku

Naman Srivastava

Felicia Veneri

Alex Wiese

Garrett Williams

Rowan Clinic Students Spring 2022



Niko Koutsoubis


Human Factors

Nada Elamani

Zalak Modi



Dr. Dwaipayan Chakraborty

Scott Wood

Timeline (7 Months)

November 2021 – May 2022 (Project Ongoing)

Akkretion: Indie Game and Cinematics

My passion project, a sci-fi world set in our future solar system. Developed solo.

Unity Developer, Cinematic Artist, Tech Artist


  • Implementing various URP shaders
  • Wrote, Filmed, and Animated a cinematic
  • Create devlogs for my Youtube channel

Project Team (1)

Me 🙂

Timeline (10 Months Ongoing)

September 2021 – Present (Project Ongoing)

April 2022 – May 2022 (S1E1 Cinematic)

Scavenge AR: Metaverse Experience

Scavenge AR is a mobile metaverse experience. Complete quests in the physical world by scanning QR codes, then join others in the digital space where points are earned to evolve the metaverse.

Creative Developer, Tech Artist, Shader Artist, Gameplay Programmer


  • Program mobile controls/interactions using three.js
  • Create an evolution system with lighting/particle fx
  • Implement 3D assets from designers

Project Team (5)

Development: Garrett Williams (three.js), David Robert (FE/BE, React)

Design: Cathy Riani (3D), Josh Rayray (UI)

Production: Mariia Izbash (Project Management)

Timeline (3 Months)

May 2022 – August 2022

Currently: VR Research Engineer @ Rowan University MAVRC

Location: Philadelphia, PA / Southern NJ

(Open to Relocation/Remote Opportunities)